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Let's Get To Know Us!


Our Team Possess Exposed Experience in All Disciplines with Unparalleled Capabilities. Our Professional Profiles, Backbone Workers behind the scene of our company are Listed Below:

  1. Anirudh Shankar - CEO
  2. Preethi R - Director - Business Development
  3. Archana Hirannaiya -Senior Software Developer
  4. Anup H S - Product Compliance Lead
  5. Mathew Steven - Creative Design

Data Cluster Systems's team consists of highly educated and experienced systems, hardware, software engineers and managers. They will work with you to find right solutions to your IT needs.


Data Cluster Systems's experience, quality, reliability, teamwork, and unsurpassed technical support make us a leader in Application Developement and analysis. Our customers rely on Data Cluster Systems to ensure that they stay "technology-smart" and ahead of the competition. The following list represents just a few of our customers:

  1. Shasta Solutions
  2. Just Adventures
  3. C M Informatics
  4. Project Smile Dental Clinic
  5. Sudeep Opticals
  6. Wilian Solutions
  7. Quest Infrastructure
  8. Adosat Event Management
  9. Lakshmi Venkateshwara Textile
  10. Vinayaka Paper Conversions

With the passion of making software systems available immediately, We are well equipped with thorough technical centre armed by competent technocrafts to create innovative solutions that ushers our customers clients to magnify the market precisely effectively and efficiently.


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Curious to see some of our work? Take a look at some of our sophisticated software & hardware design, development, deployment, we will be happy to share our work with you.

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  2. Shasta Solutions
  3. Violin Murthy
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